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Our history

Creators of emotions since 2001

Expert for more than 20 years , we design and manufacture innovative products in the world of home for the sectors of distance selling, e-commerce, retail, etc.

Great support to carry out projects and thus enhance their image through our product creations. We offer a wide range of items ranging from kitchen accessories to well-being and decoration while remaining attentive to the market and its trends .

Creativity, responsiveness and listening are the key words of our team which is mobilized and oriented towards a unique customer experience .

Our expertise



We realize your ideas to make them as real as possible in line with your specifications and market trends.

We design unique, innovative products that create emotion to best meet the expectations of your customers.

We support you

In co-design

We believe, more than anything, in the power of co-design. We work hand in hand with you to understand your needs and aspirations.


In close collaboration with you, we explore ideas, exchange feedback and bring to life products that reflect your identity and vision. This collaborative approach allows us to create unique and personalized objects that can exceed your expectations!

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Brands at your service


To boost your commercial operations and retain your customers.



A high-performance team at your disposal with a generating force to bring out new ideas, achieve better results and always with the aim of customer satisfaction.


Years of experience

Known and recognized expertise in the creation of innovative product solutions for major players in VAD, retail and e-commerce.


New products every quarter

A constantly renewed product offering through trade fairs, shopping, etc.

We work alongside you

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Active customer listening

We understand your needs and expectations.

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Product approval

We ensure product conformity.

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Boiling of ideas

We generate innovative and creative ideas.

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Production launch

We are setting up large-scale production.

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Mood board

Creation of a mood board based on your needs, trends and budget.

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Routing and delivery

We organize the logistics for fast and efficient delivery.

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Sample prototyping

We turn ideas into tangible prototypes

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Your satisfaction!

We guarantee your satisfaction for each of your orders!

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